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graphic design portfolio must haves

10 Steps to Becoming a Successful Freelance Designer in 2020, How to Get Paid As a Freelancer in 2020 (Apps & Advice That Work), 40+ Awesome Gifts for Artists & Creative People | 2020 Ideas, 16 Freelancer Invoicing Apps to Help You Get Paid Fast, 8 Top Freelance Job Sites to Get Clients in 2021, 29 Absolute Best Graphic Design Blogs to Inspire You in 2020, How to Write a Price Increase Letter to Get Paid More (Free Template), 11 Sites like Upwork for freelancers who need clients fast, 19 Remote Writing Jobs Sites that Post New Jobs Daily for Freelance Writers, 11 Client Gifts to Wow Your Clients (and Get Repeat Business), 10 Sites like Fiverr to Make More Money as a Freelancer. Comparing – Many designers find two screens a necessity when they are working on a particular piece. You’re welcome! . lead the customer or viewer in a stepwise fashion through the site and he will make the decision the designer wants him to. 14 Items All Design Geeks Must Have! Infographic -Summer must-haves Tell your story. Rachel Cheng’s graphic design portfolio is minimalist at it’s finest. The style of the case and the size of the case will play a role in what will be inside. Nice article! I understand that you want to, and especially in this business – need to, stand out from the crowd, but often times I find myself overwhelmed by the design. Upon visiting the portfolio of Daneil Spatzek, you’ll notice a unique, but simple approach. I know this because ever since i graduated design school where i could let my creativity run wild, i had to scale that back and find a nice medium between getting a clients message across and applying my own style within a certain time constraint. Very inspirational sites. You don’t want to be squinting on a 13″ laptop. just checkout this one “”, hope you will like the collection of responsive designs. Also think about the screen size. internet support. Good stuff! Taking Kicking Off The New Year In Style: My Office Tour…and a Giveaway! In regards to your logo, the D for me is too abstract. 1. Make sure it has enough ram and storage. Good job. This is great. I’ve seen some things that I want to incorporate, and some things that I’d like to avoid for my particular purpose. I dislike my (our) site and am in school to learn the tools to change. Great! Please could you show me how portfolios for a print designers are made? You don’t need to have the most expensive portfolio in the world, but it should be nice, new and look professional. the time and actual effort to maқe a good article… Thanks. Illustration and Design. If any of you graphic designers are looking for a printer that can (sometimes) get you better pricing than your vendors due to their purchase volume, give Printingworx® a try! As a graphic designer, your portfolio is the sum total of your work.Whether you are a student just about to get out of college, an aspirant looking for a better job, or a freelancer looking out for clients - your graphic design portfolio is the most important thing on which potential clients and employers will judge you. Trying to code it myself though I am a beginner. Here are some common tasks undertaken by graphic designers and how some cool tools to make those tasks easier. Thank you for the good writeup. Who knew a resumé could be so fun to read? I completely agree – I hate to go to a list and not have any idea why each item is on the list! Also, I kind of wanted to focus on the name of the designer/business rather than the image of their portfolio. Great article. Every day that I’m in my office , I reach for these tried and true items to keep my projects running smoothly. But I do like the horizontal scroll at the top of the website. But to each their own. We’d love to see your website when you release it to the world – post a link to it here! If you’re looking for help with branding, logo, or color palette design, ask us about our custom graphic design services! I cannot stand these proud ‘GEEK’ designers and their whole nerd sub-culture which has taken over not only design, but movies, music, architecture and anything to do with aesthetics. Has a great range of quality designs, it did help me complie a few things on my new portfolio site take a peak – – let me know your thoughts! ???????????? The different areas of web design include web graphics, multi media, user interface, and web content, among others. Procreate. editorial concepts / page layout / product photography / photo retouching. Once you scroll down to view his work, the snap-to-grid scrolling feature and full-screen hero images exhibit his work exceptionally. Dec 4, 2018 - Explore Vennela V's board "PORTFOLIO MUST HAVES" on Pinterest. This is Rahul here, owner of Nice Article! Buzzworthy Studio, based in Brooklyn, NY, shows off their skills from the get-go with a distinct homepage design. With each project case study, they break down the statistics and problems they solved through their design — all while looking great and keeping you interested. They had a Linotronic 300 system with a Pageview screen (pictured above to the right). Are you building a portfolio to show off your work or get more design clients? The purpose of this post is to highlight the many, varied types of portfolios one might endeavor to make. As I am a Graphic Designer, You inspired me a lot of by these portfolio. Last year we published a post outlining what a graphic designer would take back to school . We are intrigued by the simplicity of the hover effects he’s implemented for each project. At first glance, Fuzzco’s homepage begins to do an automatic slow-scroll — a unique approach not seen very often. I am actually in the process of revamping my site(again) and this really gave me some insight. It is, however, multipurpose, as i am looking for a position, but also am open to taking on clients. 9. I really like your site, but I think you can work to strengthen the home page. Glance advanced to more brought agreeable from you! For the record, I was all about the grey BEFORE it was trendy . I will definitely consider these opinions & fixes and include them when Im revamping the design especially the loss of white space in home page. Steve Wolf Designs is an Austin-based graphic design studio. What works so well are the large headers and straightforward, minimalistic design. The graphic design portfolio from Josh Miller of Australia combines uncommon color combos with simplified design — and makes it look good. . I really really like your collections. – Your blog page header is off-centered with the rest of the page. Need your know if this is OK., Nice collection of portfolios. Adam Wright is the Content Manager at Millo, in addition to running his own graphic and web design business, Adam Wright Design. Web Design MUST Haves for Commercial Construction Websites Construction workers know how to design amazing buildings but do they know how to design amazing websites? I certainly don’t dislike your logo, but it is hard to read. Good luck to you! On the homepage, she writes “In a sea of ordinary, make sure your website is set apart from the competition,” and we believe her design lives that to the fullest. I am wondering if I have to many samples on my site. we are human beings who require some personal connection to anything in our envirenment we must interact with. Built by Buffalo has a graphic design portfolio unlike any other we’ve seen. minimalism is a very tired design fad that no one in the design profession has the courage to declare dead and a product of a long past error or era. It should never be static; it should always contain samples of your work that show your evolution as a creative. On an individual project page, the breakdown of the process is executed well. Once again thanks for taking time reviewing my website . Movement and change are always healthy, constructive concepts in life. Check out Alex Coven’s graphic design portfolio and you’ll be told exactly what he does — you can’t miss it. ... Graphic Design Tech: Must-Have Tools For Every Graphic ... 9 months ago. The blog is absolutely fantastic. This is really an informative blog for all the beginners. I also really like how you use yellow so well – the yellow/white combo is very difficult to pull of and you’ve done well. coaching contact us blog accolades sign in FAQs A subtle, thin line angled across the screen acts as a progress bar, showing you where you are at on the page. your portfolio. since the end goal of most sites is to inform the viewer of the site’s subject matter and/or sell a product, most selected sites are so unfocused that these basic fuctions fail. With the advancement in adaptable Internet usage comes the subject of how to build locales suitable for all customers. These are really creative segments. Thanks! I am planning to update my website and here I find great ideas of web design which should be consider. What enhances the display of his graphic design portfolio is the ultimate quality of photography. Choosing a Portfolio Case. But that’s just me, anyways thanks! Since then, we have seen a number of what can only be described as ‘geeky’ items which I am sure you will all appreciate: This article helps to know about the web design services in India, which helps to improve the various business services. 2. I’m always open to suggestions! Thanks for sharing – it can be scary to put yourself out there for review. It’s widely used in creative departments and is the go-to choice for companies to invest in. The individual project pages are consistently well put together, with a clean two-column layout showcasing their work. I only browsed through a few of the sites listed, but it was very informational. this is amazing portfolios list. This will be great inspiration, as I am currently working on a new portfolio! Are you using a freelancer WordPress theme or some other template to get started? Earn when clients buy your design. ... our portfolio events graphic design services social media add-ons. these are all very nice but they seem like very niche type designs, a lot of illustration and posters. amazing logo design, best logo designs, impeccable logo designs, Logo design, must have logo designs, must haves Creative Logo Designers is an online graphic design agency that has been rendering its supreme quality services in the UK for the past several years. Note: If you know of any great websites that host online portfolios, Markzware invites you to comment on our social media web pages about your favorite design portfolio websites, especially if they are free to use! and practice a little something from other websites. You’re welcome – I tried to include several categories as each designer has their own vision for their site, and sometimes experimenting out of your comfort zone is a good thing. That’s for you to determine. Wow. Thanks. Hi, I’m in Maine too and looking for branding design and graphics for a new business I want to launch. You can’t wait to keep browsing, as the easy-to-read and uncomplicated layout is so inviting. Designers will always be the star in the shadows, but hopefully this helps get their names out there a bit more! Web Design Trends & Must Haves of 2019 As most of you must know by now (which most of you must know by now if you’re reading a blog post like this), times … While turning your passion into your paycheck is nothing short of the American Dream, the process of getting your business off the ground may also be stressful and confusing for those without proper knowledge on how to develop a marketing strategy. You need to think about maintaining, improving and evolving your portfolio throughout your graphic design … Regardless of whether you’re creating a graphic design portfolio or web design portfolio, similar principles apply, which we’ll cover in this guide. ... a graphic design studio in Cardiff. There’s no hiding what designer and illustrator Robby Leonardi does when you visit his design portfolio. 1. It’s perfect time to make some plans for the future and it is time to be happy. Yeah, those proud designers and their really well built online content. I found the websites to be too much of a random search to understand the designer. Also, good timing! lol. Remember, a portfolio is all about quality, not quantity. Overall, you’ve got a very nice, clean site. Putting together a kick-ass graphic design portfolio isn’t just something you need to worry about when you’re a student. It is absolutely important to understand the role a great design towards a successful business. Nathan Riley’s graphic design portfolio portrays elegance at it’s finest. Which graphic design portfolio is your favorite? It would be cool if in your portfolio you could scroll through the projects in the pop-up box rather than having to click in/out and go through the animation. I was not willing to take the journey. Usually, muted colors as such are visually deterring, but she utilized the array of hues that are extremely pleasing to the eye. Your inspirational design portfolios are really appreciable. Their graphic design portfolio has a static homepage design that changes on refresh, keeping it interesting every time you visit. Yasly is the design portfolio website of Danny Jones. I am an experienced Graphic Designer who has made many print based designs so it will be grateful of you to show some of the print designers portfolio. Nice free WordPress themes & good themes details!!! FreshBooks vs QuickBooks: Which is Better in 2021? This helps create sections of copy that make the information easy to digest. Is it unprofessional? Is it, and where did you get it? “I’m new to the Graphics World – so a big thank you for putting these out here … Cheers !! made with carbonmade. That doesn’t mean they’re ineffective or “bad,” it just means that we have different opinions and that’s a-okay. While researching for my most recent design, I would try to take my own notes while looking for inspiration, only to find myself overwhelmed and borderline brain dead. Click through to the design portfolio and you’re taken on a new journey with scrolling graphics and typographic elements. – The bottom feels like it needs some more polish. But what about all the non-essential fun stuff? Choose a laptop or desktop that can handle the heavy-duty software you will need. Thank you so much for this HELPFUL tutorial. Greeted with fun, bright colors and illustrations, he shows his expertise without saying a word. I feel like you lose a bit of real estate on the home page by having so much white space around your main “You are here…” I also think it would be great to carry your not-quite-circular shape throughout the website rather than having some circles and some unique shape. your full name (graphic designer).com ? Some clicks worked while others went no were. In my opinion, I think that a lot of designer portfolios are a bit over the top just to be different, what do you think? Or maybe you’re like us and just like to look at design portfolios and graphic design blogs to be totally inspired. We think this is a cool feature to allow others to get to know him and where he’s been. So, these are the key graphic design portfolios that you can follow when creating the one to display your design works. It’s a must-have! If you are serious about your graphic design career, I would get used to Adobe Creative Cloud as early as you can. Thanks for compiling this nice list! What makes her portfolio so successful? The purpose of this post was to highlight some of the great aspects of a variety of different websites and website styles. I also did not like the multiple windows that opened in some of the sites. Illustration markers are great for quick design mockups. Good luck, and please do share when you’ve got something to show us! It’s always interesting to read through content from other writers Regarding the logo,I do know it is very difficult to figure out pepde from it still I don’t know why I love it so much that Im finding it hard to change but always I do try to come up with some solutions. 34 must-read graphic design books; Divisive new Eurovision 2021 logo splits opinion; Brand new Matrix 4 logo revealed (and it's the same but different) New Opel logo stands out from the crowd (and not just for its colour) Recommended. You’re right, some people go for different, some for fancy, cool, modern, etc. Additionally, the pop-up window feature to describe a project in detail is executed nicely, allowing the user to not have to navigate away from the homepage — the star of the show. Evolve the Contents of Your Portfolio. Some I liked, but many had cheesy effects and themes that distracted from the purpose of the site. Any new examples of portfolios using responsive design? – In America, we spell tailor-made with an ‘o,’ not an ‘e.’ Is it different in the UK? The uncomplicated design features a masonry layout on the homepage highlighting some of their best work. Great article. But unfortunately don’t always have the option of having a second monitor nearby. This is really beautiful, I like what I see. 10Clouds demonstrates a great ability to display large amounts of information in a aesthetically pleasing way. DESIGN PORTFOLIO. There’s no question about it, you need a descriptive internet presence. Duly noted – you’re ahead of the trend. is an awesome online logo maker. Feel free to share things like how you came to love web design, or your first experience with taking photos at a young … All the best everyone. Very good list of portfolios! Some great inspiration here and now I feel like my site is so basic and elementary that I’m glad I had already decided to redesign it. Share all the details with us in our free FB group for freelancers! LAUNCH WEBSITE. This is so much easy to use. A great design can have some quick wins. Must be that you created the fad! I would love to be half as good as these designers. Thanks! I am a logo designer, personally, sometimes I need to redesign my designed logos according to my client’s requirement. The graphic design portfolios are from many brunches of design. another thing that i found bothersome is the praised minimalism. Check out this too:, This is a great collection of websites! Thanks for putting this together. This way of creating a platform focuses on building the best possible experience for your typical visitor, maximising engagement and improving their visit. You got some nice collections. Great collection of portfolios. simple human interaction and traditional sales rules are always the paramount guidelines for convincing a viewer to continue doing the thing the designer wants him to. Pick your best pieces and showcase them! This was good for seeing what you had set, but that's all you could do. We love it! Let’s not forget the clean and interactive logo/menu navigation on the left which converts to a nice mobile-friendly design when scaled down. 16 Awesome Freelance Graphic Design Jobs Sites to Find Clients Fast, 13 Awesome Quickbooks Alternatives for Small Business and Freelancers. Very nice. There’s no questioning that the studio at Cher Ami pushes the limits when it comes to graphic design portfolios on the web. I like the description lines, but personally I like these posts to include pictures of the website instead of tabbing every website and then come back here to see why you choose it. I am still just a beginner, but I really love seeing such strong design work for inspiration. Create your portfolio. My website is a work in progress… any comments would be helpful. Nice site and inspirational. thanks a lot for including me in this list! Wow! Gonna go through all of these portfolios soon. Everything else is very designed, but the text and footer are just text – no textures, no fancy header, etc. Producing Company Potrfolio is actually difficult however because of businessportfolio. Denys Nevozhai is a world traveler designer, and easily tells his story through an interactive timeline. Now a day unique and stunning designs becomes a vital part of business. !”, Thank you so much for this great compilation, it will be very useful for me as I’m currently re-designing my website Buzzworthy’s project pages are the ultimate in detail — unlike any other. To start building an online portfolio that establishes credibility and expands your professional network, we’ll cover: I don't even really care that much about where you have been working the past few years. The page layouts are dynamic and rigid, but smooth at the same time. 5 Things You Must Have in Your Design Portfolio Having a complete, clean, and descriptive online portfolio is key to submitting winning proposal templates and quotation templates , … It helped me a lot making mine at Your design portfolio represents a window for the world to view your work and judge your talent, skills and experience. ever heard of building an actual CAREER bub? Love, love, love them. These are all really beautiful. My 15 Must-Have Items For Running A Graphic Design Studio I love what I do but without the right tools, it would be difficult to get my work done. Why Personal Branding Is Important For Graphic Designer ... 11 months ago. . Especially because I’m in the middle of putting my website together. Studio must haves - that I have !! Really like your list of blogs! Much appreciated! That bold, pop of color and incredibly unique animated giraffe will draw anyone’s attention. Digital Portfolio Must Haves 1. Who You Are. Follow Adam on Instagram and Facebook. I just updated my portfolio, but as a designer, I almost feel like crumpling it up again. © 2012 You’re welcome – you certainly deserve the credit! minimalism is at root a fallback discription for the unwillingness or inability of the designer to supply the viewer with a context or reason for him or her to have an interest in the subject. Infographic -Summer must-haves by Rashi Srivastava is Graphic Design, Illustration. I like your “short blurb,” I hate it when I come across a list post like this and there is no description as to the reasoning behind the choice. The graphic design portfolio over at Creative Mints is just that — creative. If Jhon makes more sense for your location in India, ignore me. With so few years experience, we can’t wait to see how her portfolio evolves. Web design is composed of various skills and disciplines during the production and maintenance of websites. Amazing examples! Or do you prefer to build from scratch? What I care about is seeing what you have done, i.e. To get a job you need to showcase a full brand execution. , LOVE, love this article. Thanks! Head on over to Steve Wolf Designs and explore the no-frills approach to their graphic design portfolio website. That makes me feel really great. The full-width homepage submerses you in various projects with eye-catching video graphics and design. Illustration markers. I learn something new and challenging on websites I stumbleupon everyday. Thanks for listing such useful information. They’re providing an array of profile composing support. While a lot of these are outside of my ability, I do enjoy looking around for those little sparks of inspiration. Like many others, they’ve put together a website that reflects the same look and feel as their work. 5 Marketing Must-Haves for Business in the New-Normal Pristine business cards and face-to-face meetings are becoming scarce as we navigate a different world in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. If your interest has been piqued by this type of work, then it is important to learn the roles, responsibilities and daily working environment in this field. I hope that whether you liked them or didn’t, you took something positive away from the post. His graphic design portfolio exudes a pretty basic layout, although his work is anything but. Join us there! The navigation was terrible. We dig the navigation layout, and the bold in-your-face design that draws you in to view more. Wow, this was really inspirational! Each business has its own audience and goals and therefore tailor their portfolio to that audience. Mixd takes color-blocking to the max, by displaying full-color backgrounds that are bold and dominant. Mike Kus, a UK based designer, took advantage of the homepage by using it as a portal for displaying his graphic design portfolio. With everything at a distance, digital marketing, online brand presence, and digital marketing tools are more critical than ever. Thank you for this post I’ve finally got the motivation to create more impressive designs☺. Thank you for sharing and explaining what you liked about each site. We’ve searched the internet for the best graphic design portfolios to give you inspiration to make yours look awesome, too. After reviewing commercial construction websites from businesses in the mid-west, we concluded that the following 9 elements are web design MUST haves for companies in this industry. I’ve always been a fanatical defender of flash technology, but for some incomprehensible reason it seems to be excluded from many new devices and operating systems… So it’s time to undertake the html and css adventure . To portray their work, they created a honeycomb-like design with a small image detail for each project. i just Started my Graphic design site, , i hope i could learn more Tips and trick from you site…Thanks. What do you think? We’d also love to hear about your process for designing your own graphic design portfolio. Great inspiration, I am definitely bookmarking this! Also, not sure if this was on purpose, but your spelling of Jhon is (in English) incorrect (should be John). Some of them inspired me as well. Maybe when I have completed my course and Portfolio I might end up on your excellent venue. I really like your simplicity overall. Thanks again. Let us know if you find any particular favorites! . Click through to his resumé and reveal an awesome interactive illustration activated on scroll, much like a video game. We can’t help but appreciate the ease of use and quality of design. I personally feel that some designers get *just a little* too “artsy fartsy” sometimes; I’ve even had clients comment on that. He does an excellent job at drawing in the reader, and clearly displays his strengths. and also love your comments, thanks again!! but what can I say… І put things off a whole lot and never sеem to get nearly anything done. Nice web designs you listed here. I sometimes wonder if mine is just a little too boring though. Over 5,000 of us are having daily conversations over in our free Facebook group and we'd love to see you there. Large headers reveal full-width images on hover, creating quite the experience. M working my way back into designing again after a 2-year hiatus and a job a... Show your evolution as a designer, personally, sometimes I need to showcase full. Read even more things about it like crumpling it up again and as... And students couldn ’ t dislike your logo, the overall design pairs with the profile! Static homepage design itself on the contact form – http: // super! Ll always need certain tools and resources to get the job done, an affordable and font. And rigid, but hopefully this helps create sections of copy that make the decision the designer him! Over at creative Mints is just that — creative find great ideas of web design in... Portfolio with motion effects is incredibly pleasing together, with a Pageview screen ( pictured to.?????????????????. Different in the process of revamping my site changing!!!!!!!!... I go through all 50 websites on a particular piece Cr... 9 months ago are you using freelancer., modern, etc I hope that whether you liked about each site seeing such strong design for. Find two screens a necessity when they are and what they do find two screens a necessity when are. Completely agree – I hate to go to a grid of work they! With in a different industry you liked them or didn ’ t help but the. – http: //, nice collection of responsive designs mixd takes to! Do, and your work – post a link to it here design. Always be the hero of their portfolio site the finer details Type designs a... Combines uncommon color combos with simplified design — and makes it look.... Freshbooks vs QuickBooks: which is better in 2021 s no questioning that the studio at cher wastes... 10Clouds has a graphic design portfolios and graphic design portfolio is the ultimate in detail — any... Portfolio events graphic design portfolio your evolution as a progress bar, showing you where you done. Artsy for a hopeful entrepreneur create more impressive designs☺ Top 50 ” but... Particular piece Tech: Must-Have tools for every graphic... 9 months ago,! Cost.To know more business portfolio that — creative creating a no-distraction environment... graphic design portfolios that can... That opened in some of their work stand out and be the hero of their best work but the and! And Code, breathing entity the same look and feel as their work stand out and be the star the... Is incredibly pleasing importance was spent of trying to Code it myself though I am just! A different industry free WordPress themes & good themes details!!!!!!!!!!! Does an excellent job at drawing in the UK benefit to use it is time to be a leisure it. Projects with eye-catching video graphics and design true items to keep my projects running smoothly, proud. The key graphic design portfolio website of Danny Jones interesting every time you visit his design Examples. Design is simply beautiful free FB group for Freelancers too abstract, a portfolio that prides itself the! – it can be scary to put yourself out there a bit work..., i.e hosting name instead of: your full name ( graphic designer would take back school. Anything but know him and where he ’ s finest would have working! Information in a different industry the motivation to create more impressive designs☺ our own importance was spent of trying look... S quite an inspiring wall of various designs me some insight creating your graphic design portfolio is the praised.. My designed logos according to my client ’ s always interesting to read even more things about,! As such are visually deterring, but it was very informational themes & good themes details!... Portfolio nice work begins to do an automatic slow-scroll — a unique hosting name of! Homepage highlighting some of their process work grabs your interest, and web content, among others the homepage some...

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